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Launch a professional podcast
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Strategic Content Committed Team

You could waste months and thousands on a podcast that doesn’t grow your business.

Or, you could access a team of experts to seamlessly develop your lead generating machine from scratch.
Why is it a “Turnkey Solution?”

Bingo! You found the one page on the internet 
with the fastest shortcut to a high value podcast.

Most people hire production companies to edit and distribute content that sounds bad and does nothing for their revenue or network.

But YOU can turn the key to a made-to-order podcast and skip all the pitfalls that make 90% of shows discontinue after 5 episodes.

We’ve got the expertise, the elbow grease, and your back on this one.

We Put a Megaphone on Your Brand In 4 Critical Stages
Launch Strategy, Concept Development

We’ll work with you to develop a podcast that shows off your brand and enthralls your ideal customers.



Record your podcast like a pro with “done for you” resources and processes.

Editing, Show Notes, Production
We edit your recordings and create intro and outro jingles for a high-end audio experience. We’ll also add show notes that deliver ROI quickly.
Hosting, Launch, Distribution

We provide a fully managed service for you. We’ll get your podcast out into the world and help build an audience you can monetize.

How to start Your Turnkey Podcast

Get the Turnkey Podcast Solution package and meet with us for a strategy and brand assessment call.


With coaching, you’ll land the right message to the right audience. With our team of experts, launch a professionally produced and marketed show.


As your content and network accumulates, you’ll become a thought leader and draw ever-increasing opportunities and attention.


We’ve Thought of Everything

Here are (some of) the things we’ve figured out for you:

• Finding the right niche

• Establishing the brand and message 

• Integrating storytelling

• Planning the show structure to the minute

• Picking the right recording equipment

• Marketing and promoting to likely listeners

• Never starting with the boring parts

• Creating killer titles

• Making it sound radio-worthy

• Finding ROI++ monetization

• Booking talent

• Making high-contrast graphics

• Hitting post deadlines

Get Your Genius Out There!

3 years ago, we wanted to start a podcast because we saw an opportunity to help our industry. One week we went to 3 different hospitals with the same problem… the hospitals were wasting money to try to solve it and weren’t collaborating with each other!

We knew we could start an untapped market for medical podcasts, but at first it was a nightmare. We couldn’t get anyone on the show. Then, we had editing issues. Then, we struggled to monetize. We hit every pitfall until we could produce 5 episodes a week and make six figures just from the show. 

Now, we’re giving you the ultimate shortcut: 

Years of trial-and-error and wasted dollars now optimized into 4 weeks of the best systems, plus podcast coaching to make sure it’s an ROI machine.

“But is it really for me? Is now the best time?”

Now that over half of Americans actively listen to podcasts…

And podcast content is a cumulative thought leadership machine… 

the biggest mistake is to leave a good idea on the backburner.

Now is the perfect time if:

• You keep having ideas for episodes but don’t have time to start a show

• You don’t have time to fully systematize podcast production

• You know your content could contribute to and lead your industry

• You get more questions than you can answer by social, email, or calls.

• You enjoy growing your network, or already have awesome connections

• You need a lead generation and brand-building machine

The Turnkey Guarantee

On our initial strategy call, we’ll make 100% sure your podcast will be the right message, to the right audience, at the right time. That way, we can guarantee your satisfaction with the content and the effectiveness of the show to grow your brand.

Ready to Turn the Key to Your Epic Podcast?

4 Weeks of Coaching

A Long-Term Business and Brand Asset

A Team of Experts

VALUE: $10,000+


A patched-up podcast
can ruin your business.

Let us do the work behind
the scenes while you share your genius on the mic