Do you want to start or grow a podcast? Welcome to the Smooth Podcast!

In this episode, you will meet our two hosts: Martín and Daniela. Both of them come from an artistic background but found their way into the podcasting world. They got together to interview people across the industry and gather their tips, tricks, and hacks about podcasting. Their purpose with Smooth Podcast is to show how leaders have showcased their success through podcasting! Through the guests’ experience, you will have insights about monetizing, content creation, hosting, interviewing, and much more! Tune in and start getting the best hacks from people inside the industry.


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Do you want to start or grow a podcast? Welcome to the Smooth Podcast!

About our Hosts  

Martín Acuña  

Martín is a trained musical theatre performer and communications professional with a concentration in film production. 

Even though he wants to pursue a career as an actor on Broadway, his favorite is being an Assistant Director in the Theatre or Film Industry. He dived in as a podcaster within the podcasting industry with Backstage Talk in early 2020. He wants to bridge the gap between Broadway and the musical theatre industry in Colombia and shed light on those whose work isn’t always under the spotlight. He has had interviews with ensemble members, producers, stage managers, production managers, and more to come. Check it out on streaming platforms or Facebook and Instagram. 

He is currently working at Smooth Podcasting as their Social Media Manager and Writer.


Daniela Perea 

Daniela is a musician & sound engineer, born and raised in Cartagena, Colombia. A coastal city from the northern region of the country, famous for its colonial walled city center.

She found music as a way to express herself and then began singing and writing songs as a teenager; This is why Daniela then decided to go into music school professionally. She ultimately paired it with sound engineering. For the last ten years, she has been professionally recording, editing, designing, and mixing sound for short and feature films, regional Tv series, radio, advertisement, corporate branding, and podcasting. 

Right now, she is the Operations Manager at Smooth Podcasting.


Smooth Podcast_Introductory Episode: Audio automatically transcribed by Sonix

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Smooth Podcast Intro:
All the technical busywork required to produce a podcast can be a struggle, establishing trust with clients and increasing sales for your company with your own podcast is something you can do well. We interviewed the top podcasters in the industry to provide hacks and insights to help you start and scale your podcast. Welcome to the Smooth podcast.

Martin Acuña:
Hello, everyone, my name is Martin Acuña!

Daniela Perea:
And I’m Daniela Perea, and together we’ll be hosting the Smooth Podcast.

Martin Acuña:
I’m a performing artist and communications professional, passionate about musical theater and social media.

Daniela Perea:
And I’m a musician and sound engineer by day and an altogether movie fan.

Martin Acuña:
We want to welcome you to the introductory episode of the podcast. In This episode, we’re going to tell you what to expect from us, our company, and our guests.

Daniela Perea:
Together, we want you to learn all the hacks and tricks that will help you grow in the podcasting world. We both work at Smooth Podcasting a Chicago-based podcast production company with employees all around the world.

Martin Acuña:
We handle all the technical busywork involved in producing a podcast while you share your genius on the mic. This podcast is for everyone that has had the idea of starting a podcast but hasn’t had the time or technological knowledge to produce it.

Daniela Perea:
And for anyone interested or already working in the podcasting world who wants to keep improving their listener’s experience, don’t you think?

Martin Acuña:
For sure, we want every listener to become a Smooth Podcaster. We understand that not everyone has the same skills, so we want to offer some hacks.

Daniela Perea:
At the end of each episode, every listener will be able to know a bit more about how to produce and maintain a successful podcast.

Martin Acuña:
All of our guests have their own podcasts and they have been doing them for quite a while now. Coming from different industries and backgrounds, each of them has a way of being in the podcasting world.

Daniela Perea:
We will be asking them how and where they started

Martin Acuña:
And how their ideas have changed and evolve through time

Daniela Perea:
And how they have monetized their work.

Martin Acuña:
We want to bring success cases to the surface and show you how easy it may be when you have help.

Daniela Perea:
We will be publishing episodes every Thursday.

Martin Acuña:
Every episode will be around 15 to 20 minutes long. So you can listen to it while you’re doing your groceries or walking your dog.

Daniela Perea:
Find us on Apple podcast, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or your favorite podcast streaming platform. We’re in all of them.

Martin Acuña:
We want to help leaders share how they have been doing their podcast, the benefits, and the lessons learned on the way. OK, but before we leave, let’s introduce ourselves to the listeners, don’t you think? Let’s begin with you.

Daniela Perea:
Well, as I said before, I am a musician and sound engineer, and I was born and raised in Cartagena, Colombia, a beautiful coastal city famous for its walled city center with the most amazing, typical tropical food you’ll ever taste. I had very strong role models growing up, who taught me to never give up. So that’s how I found music as a way to express myself, and then I began singing and writing songs as a teenager. That’s why I decided to go to music school. But I paired it to sound engineering to scam my family. You know, they “hey everybody, I’m an engineer” and it totally backfired as I found my passion in sound. So that’s what I’ve been doing for the last ten years of my life. I’ve been professionally recording, editing, sound designing, and mixing sound for short and feature films, regional TV series, radio, advertisement, corporate branding; And of course, I found a new passion a couple of years ago in producing podcasts. That’s how I started my journey with Smooth Podcasting, where I began as a podcast editor and now I’m the Operations Manager. Yeah, but I think that’s enough about me. Tell us a little bit more about you.

Martin Acuña:
Oh, well, I could talk and talk about myself for hours, but long story short, I’m Colombian, born and raised in the beautiful city of Bogota, and I always knew that I wanted to be on the stage. To be honest, I am a trained musical theater performer and communications professional with a concentration in film production. Actually, my favorite role in both industries is being an assistant director and regarding the podcasting world, I actually entered it when I published the first episode of Backstage Talk, back in March, Twenty-twenty. I want to bridge the gap between Broadway and the musical theater industry in Colombia and also shed a light on those people whose work isn’t always under the spotlight. I’ve had interviews with ensemble members, producers, stage managers, production managers, and I have a lot more to come. So if you’re passionate about the theater industry, specifically musicals and Broadway, go ahead and check it out on streaming platforms or on Facebook and Instagram. Yes, I’m plugging my own podcast on another podcast because why not? Thanks to that is how I actually found smooth podcasting. They had a job offer on LinkedIn and I started sending emails like a crazy person and reaching out to everyone. Basically, I even reached out to Danny without knowing…

Daniela Perea:
He did!

Martin Acuña:
Right? I did. I reacted to you without even knowing you were going to end up being my boss. I actually started as a writer earlier in twenty twenty-one, and now I’m the company social media manager. Look how far we’ve come.

Daniela Perea:
Yeah! We’ve come far in here. So guys, thank you for listening to this podcast. If you like this episode, stay tuned every Thursday.

Martin Acuña:
Also, check us out on social media or on and be sure to give us feedback by leaving a rating or a review on Apple Podcasts.

Daniela Perea:
If you have a podcast and have been successful with it, we want you on our show.

Martin Acuña:
Reach out to me on social media or at

Martin & Daniela:
We want to know and share your story.

Smooth Podcast Outro:
Thanks for tuning in to the Smooth Podcast. Be sure to visit us at and follow us on social media for resources, show notes, and all you want to know about podcasting.

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Key Take-Aways  

  • Our guests will all have their podcasts you can listen to after their interview!
  • We want to give you the best advice to start and grow a podcast. 
  • Smooth Podcast episodes will be published weekly. 
  • You can listen to them while walking your pet or doing the groceries; they will be 15 to 20-minute conversations!
  • Get to know the industry from the inside out.


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