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Podcasting for Healthcare Leaders and Influencers

Podcast are more work
than you think.

Without a reliable system and a team of experts, you’ll bury yourself in busywork… while someone else takes the industry stage.


We've rolled up our sleeves to help you get results!

Here are (some of) the things we've figured out for you:

• How to create a podcast that generates leads and high paying customers within 3 weeks.

• How to create the bandwidth and time for a podcast that actually generates results.

• How to convince very busy and influential people to make time for you.

• How to consistently and reliably get leads that close and produce high paying clients.

• How to keep a steady stream of content and ideas flowing with little to no effort.

• How to get most people to say yes to your podcast even though it is brand new.

• How to podcast like a pro even if it’s your first time on the microphone.

• How to manage all the new opportunities and clients you’ll get with the podcast.

• How to grow your podcast even faster once you get started.

• How to use your podcast content to create a multi-channel marketing campaign that helps you grow.

• How get someone else to do the interviews for you if you don’t want to be on the main stage.

• How create podcast content that is consumed on audio, video, live stream, and written blogs.

• How to get major media coverage to accelerate growth of your business and podcast.

• How to quickly scale your podcast and get downloads that will make you an influencer.

• How to have the podcast pay for itself even if you don’t have the money to start it.

• How to immediately get ROI from the interviews you’re conducting.

• How to completely outsource the entire podcast production process and make it a profit center at the same time.

• How to get launched with only three 30 minute planning sessions.

• How to quickly stand out in the sea of podcasts.

• How to get the podcast started while accelerating other pressing needs in your business.

• How to get the podcast running while knocking out competing priorities.

• How to nurture and grow existing clients with your podcast.

• How to use your podcast to take networking at conferences to the. next level.

• How to turn around an episode in 48 hours to capitalize on hot topics and trends.

• How set up interviews on other podcasts to promote the growth and credibility of your podcast.

• And more….

Results Guaranteed

3x Your Investment within 1 year Guarantee

For B2B healthcare businesses.  If you have not gotten at least 3x your investment within 12 months of working with us, we will continue producing your podcast until you do with no additional cost to you.  It is only a matter of time until you do and we’ll be there on your side helping you succeed.

Get ahead of the pack.

Let us do the work behind
the scenes while you increase your bottom line.